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    Frequently Asked Questions – Organizers

    We make it easy for you to create events. If you have questions, review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). For any additional inquiries, contact us at team@sorteer.com. We are happy to help you!

    Who we Are?

    Sorteer is a ticketing site where you can create, list and manage all your French related events. It is also a great communication platform to target the French speaking, French learners and the Francophile community!

    What events can I post on Sorteer?

    All events in French, and all events related to French speaking countries.

    How do I list my events on Sorteer?

    Simply click on “LIST an EVENT” to begin. Choose your type of event. Fill in the required sections and submit your event. We will process it within 24 hours.

    Are there Guidelines for Sorteer to accept an event?

    Yes, we’re looking for events that are targeted to French Speakers, French Learners, and Francophiles. After you submit an event, we will let you know if we can work together. Events that we consider non-compliant to our criteria will not be accepted. We will check each event and its content before posting on Sorteer.

    Do I have to be in business to be an Organizer?

    You can post an event as an individual but using your real name (no pseudonym). You must have appropriate liability insurance coverage and be compliant with the appropriate legislation. If you have any questions about this, drop us a line at team@sorteer.com

    What happens after my Event is approved?

    We will send you an email, confirming the publication of your event on Sorteer. You will have access to your event dashboard where you can manage your event and follow your ticket sales.

    What information will I need to provide to list an event for free?

    We’ll require information about yourself.
    We also require information about each event: a description, location, date and time, any minimum age requirement, a digital picture and your ticket price.

    What other information will I need to provide to sell tickets on Sorteer?

    You will need to provide the following:
    The ticket type (ex: General admission, Student, Member, VIP…)
    The number of tickets available for sale
    The ticket price (or free)

    How do I set the price of my events?

    You set the price of the tickets. Sorteer will add on top a $1 service fee per ticket and the credit card processing fee collected by Stripe ($0.30 + 2.9%).

    We are one of the cheapest ticketing platform on the market!

    When do I get the income from the tickets sales?

    You connect your bank account on the Sorteer market place on Stripe. Stripe will pay you directly, as soon as the tickets are sold.

    Who is responsible for chargebacks?

    You are collecting money directly from Stripe, so you are responsible for all chargeback requests.

    Do I have to pay any fees to list my Events?

    No, Sorteer does not charge a listing fee.

    How can Sorteer help me sell more tickets?

    Sorteer will promote your events and will help you sell your unsold tickets. Sorteer will take a mutually agreed percentage of your ticket price. Please contact us at team@Sorteer.com to start your marketing campaign.

    Will I need my own insurance in order to host an Event?

    All Organizers need the proper liability insurance to cover events listed on Sorteer.

    Are there Terms and Conditions that I must agree to?

    A list of Sorteer Terms and Conditions (T&C) is on the website.
    As a Sorteer Member, you need to read and agree on T&C when you create an account.
    As an Event Organizator, you need to read and agree on the Organizers Terms and Conditions each time you create a new event.

    How do I cancel an event?

    Please go to the event dashboard on Sorteer website.
    – to stop tickets sales (Edit/Tickets not available any more)
    – to get the list of your ticket buyers and inform them
    Then refund ticket buyers.

    Am I responsible to refund all tickets?

    You need to refund all tickets sold and you will have to pay a charge for “cancellations process fees” to Stripe (full details are provided on their website). Sorteer is not responsible for your event; nor for the refund of ticket sales if you cancel the event. You are also responsible for chargebacks and individual refunds.

    More questions?

    Please contact us at team@sorteer.com.

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